Sustainable business strategy

Samsung Medison, a professional manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic systems,
operates a sustainable business based on trust with multiple stakeholders including customers and shareholders.
We will take a systematic approach to respond to fast-paced global trends and achieve sustainable growth to accomplish our social responsibilities.
In order to achieve our goal, we have established six key areas to focus:
employees, customers, shareholders, government, partners, and local communities, emphasizing on environmental, economic, and socially sustainable operation.

Sustainable business

  • Economy & Environment
    • Employees : We value and foster our employees for innovation.
    • Customers : We create eco-friendly products and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Environment & Society
    • Local communities : We make social contributions for business continuity and reputation.
    • Partners : We develop competitiveness through win-win partnerships.
  • Society & Economy
    • Shareholders : We engage in sound economic activities to maximize our corporate value.
    • Government : We pursue fair trade and remain compliant.
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