Win-Win Cooperation - Our practices
for fair selection/registration of our partners

Samsung Medison considers sustainability at all stages, including selection, operation, and evaluation of partner companies
to manage risks and opportunities in the supply chain and succeed together.

  • 01

    Samsung Medison focuses on purchasing, quality, eco-partner, and financial status to select a new partner. Our in-house specialists from each division visit the partner company to conduct on-site inspections for accurate evaluation and we utilize external professionals to evaluate the partner's financial status (credit rating).

  • 02

    Samsung Medison utilizes the integrated purchasing system established with our purchase behavior code and requires that partner companies follow our shared code for partner companies.

  • 03

    Samsung Medison conducts a comprehensive evaluation on partner companies every year to establish a sustainable supply chain. We reflect the results of the evaluation in next year's purchase policy to have our partner companies improve their capabilities.

Business with sharing - contribute to development
of local communities with social contribution activities

Samsung Medison's employees participate in volunteer work to share with the society
and we foster a corporate culture that carries out our duties and responsibilities as a member of society.

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