Balance in Work & Life
We fuel your passionate heart.

Compensation system

We believe that proper combination of direct compensation and indirect compensation result in appropriate total compensation.
We offer optimal rewards for our people to improve their quality of life.

  • Direct compensation

    Annual salary : we offer different amount of payment to our employee based on evaluation of achievements and capabilities per the management by objectives (MBO) for each person (plus-sum method).

    Performance-based bonus : we pay a different amount of bonus based on evaluation of achievements per the management by objectives (MBO) for team or group.

    Special incentives : we provide a separate bonus to highly-achieved core talents of organization.

  • Indirect compensation

    Training: we support our employees to grow as task-specific specialists or business leaders.

    Rewards: we recognize and reward our employee for contribution to the growth of company.

    Benefits: we offer a variety of benefits to make home and work life more abundant and convenient.

    Organization culture: we foster a culture of excellence with full of passions and a culture of respect that encourages lateral communications.

Benefits system (Balance in Work & Life)

  • We support recreational facilities, in-company clubs, and flexible work schedule, etc.

  • We support regular medical check-ups, medical expenses, and counseling service, etc.

  • We support individualized benefits, child tuition, personal pensions, and significant life events, etc.

  • We support e-book, e-learning, and language courses, etc.

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