• Business with compliance is the core of sustainable operation,
    and compliance with the law and adhering to ethical standards is
    Samsung Medison's top business principle.
  • For business with compliance, Samsung Medison operates on a compliance program
    that focuses on prevention, monitoring, and follow-ups.

    According to the compliance program, Samsung Medison provides training for our employees,
    including anti-corruption compliance and anti-corruption prevention education.
    In addition, we conduct inspections of workplaces and establish measures
    to prevent recurrence after inspection for our business operation.
  • Moreover, Samsung Medison has established a compliance program
    to comply with the Medical Devices Act and the fair competition rules on medical device transactions
    set by Korea Medical Devices Industry Association.

    We have operated the compliance program management system (CPMS)
    and established a module specialized for the medical device industry
    to manage our compliance status in a structure.
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