Accuvix A30 Prestige

Experience the Revolution in Fast, Real-Time Imaging

Accuvix A30, establishes a new benchmark for
stateof-the-art imaging, offering the world-first
21.5-inch LED monitor, enriched 3D performance,
increased detection rates, unparalleled
automation, sensitive interface and forward-
looking ergonomic design.

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More Accurate Images
Uncompromising image quality supports clinical decision-making and reduces uncertainty for increased diagnostic confidence.
Easier Operation
Extensive automation, intuitive controls and ergonomic design empower users to provide higher-level care.
Quick Access
Newly designed imaging tools and advanced technologies deliver superior image quality while saving your time and effort.
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine
    With enhanced H/W and newly added S/W engines, users can process data more accurately through optimized processing. This Hybrid Beamforming Engine enables a more in-depth, more detailed scanning with a higher energy output.
  • 21.5-inch Full HD LED monitor
    With the release of the world's first 21.5-inch LED ultrasound monitor, the Accuvix A30 introduces high-quality color image representation. The new, wider monitor also improves performance over black-and-white monitors. With its wider screen and advanced technology, the Accuvix A30 delivers superior resolution.
  • EZ Exam™
    EZ Exam™ transforms frequently used step-by-step exams into a single, streamlined procedure.

  • ADVR™
    Integrated real-time DVD recording, ADVR™ permits simultaneous scanning and recording, creating an environment that allows users to choose desired recording areas.
Flexible controls
  • Panel adjusts side-to-side and up-and-down for user comfort.
Articulated monitor arm
  • The monitor’s controls provide unprecedented flexibility and user comfort, adjusting both up and down and side to side for personalized performance.
All-New User Interface
  • Improved options for preset automation and modes make exam easier by reducing multiple tasks. Independent settings for User Preset and Basic Preset also support easier operation.
Central locking
  • Conveniently locked with
    foot controls.