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sonoace x1

Multi-purpose ultrasound

Best-in-class compact multi-purpose ultrasound imaging system.

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Optimum Imaging
Employing the advanced technologies developed for full-sized imaging systems - including full digital beam- forming, multi-frequency and tissue harmonic imaging - the SonoAce X1 delivers premium 2D and M-mode image quality in all applications.
- Extended image modes
- Powerful zoom
- Pre-processing imaging parameters
- THI(Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
- Holding biopsy line and Center line display
- 6 TGC line
- Cardiac / Urological Measurement Package
- Digital Beam Former
Optimum usability
Samsung Medison ultrasound imaging systems have always been synonymous with usability and functionality. The SonoAce X1 is no exception. From instant hot-key access to customizable menus, the SonoAce X1 is designed with users and usability in mind.
- Ergonomic key grouping
- One-touch application & user keys
- Powerful flexible menus
- Backlit user console
- 10" CRT Monitor
- Dual probe ports
Optimum Productivity
Equipped with technologies and functions designed to maximize patient throughput and productivity, the SonoAce X1 helps to increase both the quality of patient care and clinical workflow efficiency.
- Full measurement package
- Quick review
- 365-frame cine memory
- USB connectivity
- Rapid start