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sonoace x8

More accurate and speedy diagnosis

The SonoAce X8 is designed to provide professionals in the cardiovascular sector with a simple user interface and easier reporting.

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Speckle Tracking Strain
Typical speckle pattern in the myocardium. The two enlarged areas show completely different speckle patterns, which is due to the randomness of the interference. This creates a unique pattern for any selected region that can identify this region and hence, the displacement of the region in the next frame.
Stress Echo
Accuvix V10 provides a complete package for pharmacological Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo, and exercise Stress Echo. The programmable features of each Stress Echo study give you a streamlined workflow to fit your needs. Stress Echo supports a flexible reporting format that can be individually optimized for your workplace environment.
Automated measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery wall is a widely-used function. It provides instant and Mean, Max, Standard Deviation and Quality Index at the touch of a single button.
Harmonic Imaging
The basic theory of harmonic imaging is that body tissue reflects ultrasound signals at twice the frequency of the scanning frequency, or the second harmonic with scanning frequency. Harmonic imaging is an advanced version of conventional harmonic imaging.
Multi-Beam Processing
Multi-beam Imaging is a technique involving creating several scan lines of images in one TX. Multi-beam technique is possible through digital beam forming and is a function that cannot be realized with the existing analog beam-forming method.