eko 7

The specialist cardiovascular ultrasound system

If you really want to focus on cardiovascular diagnosis, meet the EKO 7, the ultrasound system built for dedicated cardiovascular use - from ergonomics to specific image quality requirements.

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Acquire an extraordinary view of the heart
The EKO 7 features our top-of-the-range 2D imaging, color Doppler, Stress Echo and Speckle Strain, with smart quantification tools. All this will enable you to make confident, fact-based clinical decisions, and give patients the best possible treatment.

- Stress Echo
EKO 7 provides a complete package for pharmacological Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo, and exercise Stress Echo. The programmable features of each Stress Echo study give you a streamlined workflow to fit your needs. Stress Echo supports a flexible reporting format that can be individually optimized for your workplace environment.

- Speckle Strain
Speckle Strain enables simultaneous evaluation of radial, longitudinal, and circumferential myocardial deformation. Speckle Strain allows early detection with unrivaled accuracy. Speckle Strain supports many key diagnostic tools; in particular, the ability to display old and new data in chronological order enables easy and instant comparison of vital data.
Experience the comfort you seek
The new ergonomic design and easy-to-use features raise your clinical environment to the next level. From its slim and highly maneuverable lightweight design to the variable-height control panel, the entire EKO 7 system is designed for comfort and efficiency. Intuitive Layout of the Control Panel
- Patient Section: Located on the left of the console, with all necessary patient information and archiving controls
- Analysis Section: Located near the track ball, resulting in less reach
- Color Doppler Key Section
- Spectral Doppler Key Section
- Data Management Section : On the right of the console, for storage of loops and printing frame images
- 19" Flat Screen Monitor: 19" LCD monitor with articulated arm, giving you the most comfortable viewing angle
- Flexible Movement Mechanism: Easy up-and-down and side-to-side movement of the control panel and monitor
- Interactive Soft Menu: Easy optimization of image acquisition parameters and post processing