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accuvix v10

Outstanding Accuracy and speed

Limited time for routine protocols?
Let the Accuvix V10 help you maximize accuracy and speed.

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Supporting confidence and efficiency
The Accuvix V10 incorporates reporting features that save time while giving you all the information you need. Charts and exam data are instantly incorporated with all the measurements and images of your choice, allowing you to incorporate your own layout preferences. The Accuvix V10 surpasses your expectations, giving you confidence and efficiency in the assessment of cardiovascular exams.
Full Cardiac Package
- 2D Strain Imaging
- Stress Echo
- AutoIMT™
- Contrast Agent(Low MI)
- Free Angle M-mode
- Full Cardiac measurement package
- DICOM SR for Echocardiography and Vascular
- CV Report
- High performance phased array and linear transducers
- TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging)
- HPRF (High PRF)
- Versatile Probes : P2-4AC, P2-4BA, P3-5AC, P3-8CA, CW2.0, CW4.0, MPT4-7
Extreme image quality
- Detailed contrast resolution in B-mode
- Accurate spatial resolution in color and power doppler
- High sensitivity doppler image
- DMR+™ (DynamicMR)
- FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging)
- PPI (Power Pulse Inversion )
- SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter)
- SCI™ (Spatial Compound Imaging)
Exceeding capabilities and functions
Samsung Medison understands just what you need - a system that is fundamentally assuring and easy to use. Versatile operation is at your fingertips, with all the key cardiovascular features readily available, such as Customizable 2D strain, Stress Echo, and AutoIMT™. The frequently-used AutoIMT™ function has been enhanced and simplified without compromising accuracy. Sheer excellence from the basics upwards, enhancing confidence at every level.
2D Strain
Uses 2D speckle tracking technology and provides valuable information for cardiac mechanics, segmental volume, and segmental strain graphs, all of which have proven clinical usefulness. Features include a configurable on-screen report sheet with variable data components.
Stress Echo
A Stress Echo package with a fully-integrated and easily-programmable interface to meet your needs. It includes pre-designed exercise stress echo, pharmacologic stress echo, and diastolic stress echo. These features combine to deliver streamlined workflow for wall motion scoring and reporting.
Automated measurement of the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall is a widely-used function. What distinguishes the Accuvix V10 is that it provides instant and accurate Mean, Max, Standard Deviation and Quality Index at the touch of a single button. State-of-the-art functions also include Framingham Score, Risk Factor, Normal IMT and user graphs.