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A novel 3D technology that can detect the true mid-sagittal plane, allowing for semi-automatic measurement of the Nuchal Translucency (NT) and Intracranial Translucency (IT)
Scanning and capturing the true mid-sagittal plane during a first trimester ultrasound can be technically challenging. Samsung Medison, as a specialist in 3D ultrasound technology, has taken on the challenge of helping the user as much as possible in judging the true mid-sagittal view from a 3D data set. Clinical tests at several research centers have shown this method to be very effective.
Once the true mid-sagittal view is displayed, the user can define the region of the NT and IT for a measurement of the maximum NT and IT, at the user’s request.

1st TX & RX    2nd TX & RX   Twice channel effect

Ignoring original transmitted signal and receiving 4Mhz signal

Fetal landmarks of the mid-sagittal view
1. The presence of the echogenic tip of the nose and rectangular shape of the palate anteriorly
2. Echo lucent diencephalon in the center and the nuchal membrane posteriorly
3. The absence of the maxilla that articulate

Volume NT & IT™ detect the mid-sagittal view and then propose NT & IT measurements, which you can accept or reject
The NT & IT measurements are the maximum values of the NT & IT. Once the user accepts the semi-automated results, Volume NT & IT™ measure- ments can be transferred into the report package. Volume NT & IT™ help to avoid the inter- and intra-operator variability that comes when performing such measurements manually.

1st TX & RX    2nd TX & RX   Twice channel effect

Re-assessment or review of a stored 3D volume with Volume NT & IT™
With existing 2D images, only the recorded images can be reviewed, and even minor changes cannot be made. With Volume NT & IT™, the actual viewing planes can be optimized using the saved volume data. The NT & IT measurements can be re-calculated, to aid re-assessments and validation.

1st TX & RX    2nd TX & RX   Twice channel effect

Clinical Benefits
Samsung Medison’s Volume NT™ & IT™ enable more accurate interactive detection of the mid-sagittal view, and thus highly user-friendly NT & IT measurement. Since the stored volume data can be used again, reviews and re-assessments become possible.

  • Interview with Waldo Sepulveda (Clinica Las Condes, Brazil)
    Waldo Sepulveda discusses the clinical benefits of using Volume NT™ and Volume IT™ in prenatal diagnosis, especially in the first trimester. He commends the technologies' for allowing measurement at the exact mid-sagittal plane, providing consistent measurements, and reducing inter-observer variability. Volume IT™ is useful for diagnosis of spina bidifda or problems in the backbone, such as the collapse of the fourth ventricle. Volume NT™ and Volume IT™ come together to enable many measurements with just one volume.

  • Interview with Waldo Sepulveda (Clinica Las Condes, Brazil)
    Jon Hyett(Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) discusses the clinical benefits of using Volume NTTM for measuring nuchal translucency to determine the risk of Down's Syndrome. In daily application of the technology in his practice, he finds the measurement easy to make , especially for less-experienced operators, and the success rate to be over 90%. Hyett also comments on the usefulness of Volume IT™ for measuring intracranial translucency to diagnose spina bifida.

  • Interview with Mike Kammermier, Director of Product Management, Samsung Medison America
    Mike Kammermier, Director of Product Management, Samsung Medison America, discusses the clilnical benefits of using Volume NTTM and Volume ITTM, in measuring nuchal translucency and intracranial translucency at the true mid-sagittal plane, a critical factor in prenatal diagnosis. The two technologies offer advantages of increased productivity, improved accuracy, inter-operator variability, and higher confidence in diagnosing abnormalities such as spinda bifida.

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