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The basic theory of harmonic imaging is that body tissue reflects ultrasound signals at twice the scanning frequency - the second harmonic of the scanning frequency. Although Harmonic Imaging is common in ultrasound, Samsung Medison has taken the technology one step further.

Ignoring original transmitted signal and receiving 4Mhz signal

Types of Harmonic Imaging
  • Tissue harmonic imaging

    Does not use contrast agent. Uses the harmonic generated within the body tissue.
  • Harmonic imaging using contrast agent

    Injects contrast agents into blood vessels to increase the generation of harmonics, then the harmonic signal generated in the blood vessel is used to obtain the image.
  • Color / Power Doppler harmonic imaging using contrast agent

    When we monitor the flow of blood in blood vessels in the color / power mode, clutter can act as an obstacle. Contrast agents reduce clutter in harmonic imaging, thereby resulting in more accurate blood vessel monitoring.
  • Transient echo imaging (triggered harmonic)

Basic Harmonic Imaging

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