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Multi Volume Slice truly revolutionizes 3D/4D imaging by enabling users to acquire seven different images from just a single scan. Multiple renderings can be viewed in a variety of modes, including Surface mode for rapid diagnosis of the fetal mandible, palate, nose and lips, and Maximum mode for at a glance detection of bone defects such as spina bifida, kyphosis and scoliosis. Any image can be easily re-rendered by switching to Full mode, then viewed at optimum quality by selecting from multiple renderings in 3D/4D Surface mode. By using Multi Volume Slice, experienced users can reduce 3D/4D exam time, acquire higher quality images with greater ease, and improve diagnostic confidence.

  • Multi-Sectional 3D Image review & diagnosis
  • Many different rendering modes - increase 3D diagnostic accuracy

Mirror Volume Slice

  • Select one Volume
  • Volume Re-Construction & Re-Manipulation
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