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1. Call Process

For service inquiries you can call the call center from any location. You will be greeted y the voice of our professional service staff. Your service request will be routed through the online service network to the appropriate regional service center and speedy on-site support will be provided by a service engineer

2. Visit-By-Appointment service
Service engineers visit the client site on the day and time requested by the client.
3. Happy Call service
Samsung Medison's service calls do not end until our customers are 100% satisfied.
On the basis of the customer's evaluation of service results, if we find that our customer is not satisfied,
the customer's complaints will be reviewed and measures to address them will be taken in an expeditious manner.
4. Free repair service for repeat problems
We place great value on the trust of our customers. If the same problem occurs again in product serviced
within the past 3 months, free repair service will be provided.
5. Periodic checkup service
Samsung Medison provides periodic checkups so that customers’ products remain in top working condition.
Multiple periodic checkup programs are available. Experience Samsung Medison’s differentiated quality of service for yourself.
6. Responsible service
At Samsung Medison, we believe that it is our duty to support our customers.
Service engineers are assigned to different regions and have their photograph and name printed on their
business cards. They do their best to consistently provide quality service to our customers.
Samsung Medison’s service center has its own service education team that trains service engineers, and provides periodic group education and cyber education programs to promote accuracy and speed of service for our customers.