Environmental Management

Samsung Medison cares about the environment

Our Commitment

Samsung Medison is dedicated to preserving the environment. By manufacturing eco-friendly products and supporting environmental activities that promote harmony between nature and human beings, our commitment is clear.

Samsung Medison is dedicated to environ-mental preservation for the future affluence of the human race!

    Efficient operation of environmental management
    Samsung Medison implements environmental policy and continually strives to realize a truly efficient environmental management system. Samsung Medison meets customers' expectations by sustainining an eco-friendly system.
    Environmental management transparency
    Samsung Medison publicizes and promotes its environmental management system through constant training and education. Samsung Medison fulfills its responsibility as a leading environmental management company through continuous environmental improvement activities.
    Eco Design
    Samsung Medison develops eco-friendly processes in every field from design to manufacture & service and constantly strives to minimize the environmental impact of its products. Samsung Medison continues to establish environemtal management and eco-friendly product strategies to meet international environmental requirements.