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The power that has brought Samsung Medison to the world Since 1985

Samsung Medison R&D, focused on technological development to fast forward the development of mankind and medical values

  • Developed world's 1st digital ultrasound, the SA 6000
  • Developed the world's 1st live 3D ultrasound system
  • Development of independent ASIC
  • Introduced technology-intensive products including CV and HCU
  • Developed a Windows-based network and multimedia technology
  • Held ultrasound related international forums
  • Development of the new 3D/4D function
  • Received a 'Presidential Citation' on Invention Day

The Worlds Best Research Engineering Group

The competitiveness of Samsung Medison

    Accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis

    Improvement in
    diagnosis speed

    Expansion of the
    ultrasound field
    Digital Beam Forming
    Harmonic Image
    Contrast Agent

    3D XI
    SCI:Spatial compound Imaging
    Imaging Mirror view
    Samsung Medison's
    system is one step

    A user-friendly
    Cardiac equipment:
    Strain and auto IMT function

    A light and automated human
    oriented ergonomic system
    Full-featured work flow
    Ability to develop
    new devices

    Development of
    new applications
    Developing new HCU equipment, extending networks, boosting its technological power and expanding it's research

    Fusion Imaging
    Auto Measure

The Samsung Medison R&D Promise

  • Innovation    Make products for the public with the best technology
    Secure global competitiveness
  • Being the Best    Pioneer research to lead the medical equipment market
    Fulfill our vision of becoming No. 1 globally