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Global Network

You Can Meet Samsung Medison’s Technology All Over the World.

For our global customers, Samsung Medison’s ultrasound products are introduced at Samsung’s 7 overseas organizations and by more than 100 distributors worldwide.

China (SCIC)

Name Zhe Han Position Manager
Contact +86-10-65221855-5352 E-Mail zhe1.han@samsung.com

Italy (SEI)

Name Simona Sabbatino Position Marketing & BO Coordinator
Contact +39-02-92189-219 E-Mail s.sabbatino@samsung.com

Germany (SEG)

Name Oliver Shuessler Position Head of Ultrasound
Contact +49 6196665354 E-Mail o.schuessler@samsung.com

US (Neurologica)

Name Deborah Chung Position Marketing communication
Contact E-Mail dchung@samsungneurologica.com

France (SEF)

Name Celine CHABRAND Position Communication Manager
Contact +33-1-4404-7636 E-Mail c.chabrand@partner.samsung.com

Thailand (TSE)

Name Udomluk Niramitsuthum Position Sales Management
Contact +662-118-1236 E-Mail udomluk_n@samsung.com

India (SIEL)

Name Hitesh Kumar Position Marketing Communication
Contact +91-124-488-1234 E-Mail h.sardana@samsung.com

Brazil (SEDA)

Name Roberto Kim Position Marketing Communication
Contact +55-11-5187-6674 E-Mail roberto.k@samsung.com

Turkey (SETK)

Name Gokhan Barlak Position Healthcare Manager
Contact +90-530-970-1833 E-Mail gokhan.b@samsung.com

Korea (HQ)

Name Junil Hwang Position Marketing Manager
Contact +82-22194-0814 E-Mail junil.hwang@samsungmedison.com
For any inquiries in countries other than the above, please send us your request by clicking on below, and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

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