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CEO Greeting

Welcome to Samsung Medison!
Dear visitors to our website,

    Thank you so much for your interest in Samsung Medison, and the time you are spending visiting us. My name is Sang Won Bang, and I am the CEO of SamsungMedison: it is my pleasure to welcome you here to our website.

    Samsung Medison has a proud history of more than a quarter of a century of being at the forefront of ultrasound development. Since the purchase of Medison by Samsung Electronics in February 2011, we have made great progress in expanding and improving the company. We have done so through a commitment to hard work, constant R&D, and a relentless focus on meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements. This has enabled us to bring to the market the fine products that you will see on this website, of which we are all very proud.
    We have the potential and ambition to develop into a global, market-leading company. The digital world is under-going a period of tremendous growth and convergence, so that industry sectors that were previously completely separate are now much more closely linked. While this creates many challenges, it also offers significant opportunities for those companies that can keep ahead of trends, and prepare themselves for this era of digital convergence. Samsung Medison can grasp these opportunities with commitment and confidence, backed by Samsung's resources, digital technology and experience of growth worldwide, and Medison's technological prowess and established market presence. This is why we have set ourselves the target of being amongst the very best ultrasound companies by 2015 – and it’s also why Samsung Electronics is putting Samsung Medison at the very epicenter of its medical devices business, to make the company a global leader in the wider medical technology industry by 2020.
    This is an exciting proposition for Samsung Medison as a company, and for me as CEO. I will continue to promote a culture at Samsung Medison whereby the customer is the focus of everything that we do.
    Thank you again for the time you are taking to visit us here at the Samsung Medison website. We continue to update this website with all the latest news and information on Samsung Medison and our products, so I hope you will come back again!
With very best wishes, CEO Sangwon Bang